Server folder/file size - FTP client to sort in size order

I have been trying to sort my server folders in size order to have a cull of large files I no longer use or need.

So far the C-Panal file manager has not helped because it says most folders are 4kb and doesn’t seem to be able to look inside and sort them in size order. Also tried Yummy FTP but that seems to be the same unless I click and get more info for a folder but that then forgets the folder size when I return to the top level.

Is this limitation of how a server works or is their an app or utility that will size everything up ‘on-the-fly’ somewhat like the file utilities I can get for my mac drives?
Cheers Nigel

Open your folders and view by size:

Lisa: I believe he wants the size of the folder, not of individual items within a folder. Of course one could always “add up” the sizes of all the individual items in a folder but that can be a fair amount of work in some cases!

BTW, I’d also love to be able to see the size of folders on a server similar to what one can do on a Mac. I’ve found no way to do this so I assume it’s not possible. But if I’m wrong I’d love to learn how to easily view folders sizes.

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Yes - I wanted to size the actual folders to find the ones with extra ‘sized’ items in. Other wise like the ‘Events’ folder in the screen shot above they all say 4kb!

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Sorry, I thought you couldn’t figure out how to open the folders?

No problem - Yummy FTP or file manager can’t seem to size then with out using ‘get info’ on each individual folder inside each folder!

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It’s just an extra step to open the folder in File Manager. Yes, would be great if you could see total for folders…

@barchard do you know if this is possible in cpanel/File Manger?

It can’t do sub folders so even if I find a large folder if it has 20 sub folders I have to do each one of those as well…

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I feel your pain :slight_smile: I didn’t use folders like that because of the long urls I was getting lol. Lazy.

I don’t know Yummy FTP, in Transmit if you right click a folder with subfolders select get info, the dialog box under size says calculate, If you click on that it will go count them up for you. Yummy might do the same.

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Yes it does, but not sub folders. I think I am going to have to do each folder and subfolder.

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Thought it was worth a try, Transmit counts the subfolders as well.

Interesting - I will try it. Does it size and then sort by size the sub folders?

There is a Disk Usage calculator in the control panel. Scroll to the bottom and you can sort by size. Click the disclosure triangle to drill down into sub folders.



aha… I knew @barchard would be the person to ask :slight_smile: If you’re not with, check it out!

Cheers Greg - the chilli control panel or the C-Panel?

Yes it will sort within subfolders by size, they have a free trial version:

You do have to have the main folder open.

I see it…cheers. Need to clean my mail out… Is their a quick way to delete all mail unto a certain date? I have arrived it out of mail using MailSteward.


I’d create a rule or filter for “messages before a date date” then select all, delete, then empty the trash.


Cpanel it’s called “disk usage”