Plugin advice needed

Hi there,

I was hoping for some advice on 3 plugin issues.

1: which e-commerce plugin (such as Rapid cart etc) to use on a new site to allow people to order photographic prints.

2: Is there a plugin which would make my existing site more mobile device friendly.

3: Is a plugin such as Rapidbot which is supposed to make you site more Google visible, worth getting?

I am using the latest version of Rapidweaver

Many thanks in advance

If you are doing the printing, RapidCart should work just fine. While I don’t have the Pro version, the regular takes a bit of set up for your products, but, once you get used to it, it works fine.

Otherwise, and the way I’ve handled my own needs, is to set up an account with a place such as Fine Art America and embed their widget on your site. They do all the hard work, you take the commission, which you determine.

As for mobile friendly, make sure you are using a responsive theme, or, be prepared to do a lot of custom CSS.

I can’t speak for the visibility bit - I would tend to think the search providers will quash such efforts.

In addition to a ton of functionalities, RapidCart Pro features a cool gallery slideshow for all your photos.
Here’s some demos using most great looking responsive themes.

RapidCart Pro is fully responsive.
You just need to use a responsive theme.
The newest ones that come with RW6 are all responsive.
Otherwise in RapidWeaver Community you’ll find a lot of cool themes.

RapidBot works great.
RapidCart Pro automatically builds SEO-friendly pages and URLs.
In addition, you’ll be able to add social sharing buttons with just a click.

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E-Commerce. There were 12 or 16 add ons listed on the RW page. Yikes. Would someone with experience mind taking a peek at and suggest what you think the best solution would be? Selling and shipping only in the USA.

Direct PayPal payment doesn’t block payments from outside US.
In RapidCart Pro you can limit selling and shipping to US only.

Hi There

VERY belatedly I wanted to thank you for your advice, for some reason I have only just seen this now! At lease Forum members talk to each other even if Realmac don’t!

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