File-upload stack?


Occasionally a visitor to my site wishes to send me a small file, usually a .pdf, .jpg, or .pages document. To meet that need and streamline the process, I’d like to add a simple file-upload utility to my contact page.

My question: Is there a such a single-purpose stack available for purchase outright?

I strongly prefer purchasing that stack, the cost of which would include some measure of tech support when the thing doesn’t work. (I’ve tried free utilities that fail to work, further validating my experience in getting what I pay for.)

Thanks for any suggestions you may have!


You can easily do this with MachForm. Not a “stack” but works great with RW. I use the upload capability all the time. Will integrate with Google Sheets (if that’s of interest to you). Good support but you need to set up a mySQL database. More here:

Joe Workman (@joeworkman) also has 1+ upload options. I’d suggest checking him out as well.

1 Like should do what is needed and @willwood is known for excellent support.


Formloom offers a input file field.

I think formsnap (from same vender @yabdab) does as well.

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