Is there a stack that allows file uploading and deleting?

I’m looking for a stack that would enable my site’s visitors to upload files and delete them if necessary. I know that WeaverFM does that but I do not really like the fact that it has to be on a separate page. I’m looking for something really simple. Joe’s dispatch stack would be great but it only allows uploading and not deleting files. Any ideas?

I was looking for similar functionality and didn’t come up with exactly what I wanted. Closest I got was to use Yuzool’s Collect stack for upload and then Joe Workmans X-Ray stack to see the uploads. Deletion isn’t possible but you can upload a file of identical name to overwrite the one that is there. This suited me but probably not for you. I think you need to look at a CMS solution

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Good idea, thank you very much for the suggestion. I will have a look at those.

There is a plugin WeaverFM. That can do, what you want.
You can import the plugin with PlusKit in a stacks page, or with iframe or the Offsite stack.
I think that should work.

Edit: @koles
Offsite Stack works perfectly. Also with iframe code.
Import with PlusKit don’t work.

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Agreed FM could well work for you. It wasn’t for me as I needed the files (trial software) uploaded by my client to then appear on the website as a public download - and I couldn’t see how to make this work. If your need is more collaborative FM should do the job.

I have just seen that you mention weaverfm in your first post.
You know this already. Too bad :unamused:

I did not realize I can import it to a Stacks page with offsite stack. Thanks for the advice!