Upload File Stack Question

@willwood I’m using your upload file stack and I think I’m not writing the path correctly. I upload the file and I get no errors but the file never show up. any help will be appreaciated.

here’s where I have the stack installed: Upload Stack

CleanShot 2021-11-02 at 17.54.08

It looks like you are using my Droplet stack?

Please leave me something in the tip-jar and then email me the details. I’ll need FTP access to the hosting server to see how you’ve got things configured presently and where the files are going after upload (if they are making it through to the server). I can also check other things, like your directory permissions and what PHP version the web server is running.


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great! I assume I do the tip and info in your site?

email sent to will.woodgate@----.com

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