Journal submissions platform: Can it be done RW-style?

(Jared Gardner) #1

Hi! I edit a small scholarly journal (devoted to comics!) and we pay a lot of money to a company whose job it is to accept the submissions people submit for consideration. Honestly, it doesn’t do a whole lot more than that, and I am starting to think I can perhaps build a basic version myself using RW. I wonder if anyone here has ever tried to build a submissions platform, or has recommendations on the best stacks or other tools that would allow users to fill in a submission form and then upload .docx, .zip or image files to cloud storage on my end? (I’ve been using RW for a long while, but I’d rate my skills at advanced intermediate… but always enjoy pushing myself to learn new things about it)


(Jonathan Spencer) #2

Some form stacks offer file upload.

Is one example but there are quite a few. There are also a few standalone file upload stacks out there as well.

(scott williams) #3

TotalCMS also has a file upload feature I believe.