Finding cms.log in Total CMS

I’m looking for the cms.log for Total CMS, in the hope of discovering why my sample Total CMS blogs can’t be saved. The closest I can find to a cms.log are the obtuse Web Server Logs found under RapidWeaver 7 -> View.

If you can point me in the right direction, please advise!

Many thanks in advance.

It should be in a folder called cms-data on your server. If your rapidweaver project/TCMS licence is set up to be, then it should be at

By the way, not sure what your issue is but a couple of common Total CMS troubleshooting tips:

  • are you using www or non-www? Your url you’re making changes on needs to match what is set in your rapidweaver project settings
  • do you have PHP 5.6 or above?
  • ensure that your Blog Post URL matches what is set on your server. Easiest explanation of this is to check out the 16 minute mark of this video:
  • Lastly, you can use the included Debug stack to see if there are any errors or issues there
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Thank you Jason! In response to your suggestions:

  • I’ve looked in every folder of the relevant website on my server for /cms-data, but found nothing. (I’m running the trial version of Total CMS.)

  • I’m pretty sure I use non-www in all URLs, but will double-check my RW project settings.

  • I am almost certain I use higher than PHP 5.6, but will check that too.

  • I’ll check that URLs of the Blog Post and on the server match (after I figure out how to do that; I’m only at the “Creating Blog Posts” lesson of Ben Counsell’s paid tutorials).

Can you direct me to the Debug stack?

Thanks Jason.

the debug stack is part of the TotalCms admin stacks.

Did you republish ALL files?
Were you able to add a simple blog post from Preview in RW?

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Trial versions should still setup just like the paid version. As swilliam says, give a ‘republish all files’ a try and add that Debug stack to your page (that will also check your PHP version) and have a look in Preview to see what it says.

The Blog Post URL is an easy fix. Simply going into Preview mode on the correct will give you a warning and a button to click to update it. Viewing it in the video link above is easier than me trying to explain where to look for it though.

Hopefully one of those can fix things for you

If If you add this to the end of the BASE of your URL


You should get your log to appear. If you give the URL I can also try to see what I can get for the log too.

First, thank you all for offering help with this!

Here’s what I’ve done:

  • After republishing all files, confirmed there is no cmd-data nor cms-data/cms.log in the directory on my server (Fig. 1).

1 No cms-data

  • Discovered that indeed I was running PHP 5.5 (thanks for that, Jason). Upgraded to PHP 5.6 (Fig. 2).


  • Added the Debug stack (thanks Scott) (Fig. 3).

  • Again republished all files. After republishing, checked for any message from Debug in Preview; found no messages (Fig. 4).

  • Was not able to add a simple blog post from Preview in RW.

  • There was no warning or button to click upon when going into Preview mode, so I assume the URL is correct.

The problem can be found at this Admin page (thanks, Robb, for the suggestion; I should have provided the link sooner):

You’ll see that if you enter any text into the fields and click on Save, nothing will be saved.

Thanks again for helping with any ideas!

You do not have a CMS Core on the page shown in your images. That is a MUST. I also do not see the Admin Core stack on the admin page (looked in the code). Those NEED to be on your page for the CMS to work.

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Thanks, Robb, for the heads up on the CMS Core. I’ve added it to all 3 pages and republished all pages (Fig. 5, CMS Core now shown in code of Home page).

But something is not right if the Admin Core stack appears in the server window (Fig. 1 above), but you could not see it in the code. The Admin Core stack shows up in the cPanel of my server’s directory (Fig. 6)…

6 File list in cPanel

…and in the RW edit screen for the Home, Articles, and Article pages (Fig. 7, 8, and 9)…

…and has been republished with all pages (as Ben Counsell in the Total CMS tutorial instructs), so why does it not show up in the code?

Equally baffling is why the cms-log does not appear in the server’s directory (Fig. 10)…

Missing cms-log file

…and why the Debug stack/Server Check (installed in all 3 pages) does not flag errors in Preview.

Thank for any assistance you can offer. (For resolution of this issue I’d offer my first-born in gratitude, but her husband would object.)

So, no cms-data folder in your DocRoot directory (where your home page is)?

What happens in RW preview mode if you try to add a post?

No cms-data folder in the DocRoot directory.

Just red boxes…no savable post (Fig.11).

Put the debug log child stack blue + in the debug stack, see if anything shows

Hello Scott:

Sorry, I have no idea what that means (I’m new to cms).


On the debug stack, there is a blue +, click it you will see options for child stacks

I want the version you have.

There is no “Child” stack option available (Fig. 12).

(Thanks for pointing out the now-obvious!)

Oh, you already have it on (cms log).

See how there are 2, server check and log.

You don’t have a regular (non blog stack) on the page do you? Possibly gallery instead of blog-gallery.

When you added the CMS Core and Admin Core (did you add the Admin Core on the Admin page? you talk about the CMS Core, they are TWO different stacks) did you just republish the pages or did you do a republish all files.

Embedded within the Blog Form is a 2 Column Foundation stack and Joe’s Panel stack, then a Blog Gallery stack (amongst others).

Yes, I was careful to add both the Admin Core and the CMS Core stack, which I had forgotten. I only republish all files, since it’s been my experience that republishing takes the same amount of time whether it’s a simple ‘republish’ or ‘republish all’ files.