FIXED: Cart 2 shipping with Stripe

Hello there, I recently started with Cart 2. Both Paypal and Stripe are enabled. I’m making use of the shipping/volume shipping option. The added shipping to the product (ie. both as a single purchase and as multiples of the same product) works fine on Paypal, but with Stripe (test code) none of the shipping gets added. I have the latest Cart 2 version, downloaded yesterday. Can @yuzool help at all?


Thanks @PadraigHamilton - can you add a URL and private message me here a download link to your RW project so I can test it on my machine? thanks


Thanks for this feedback @PadraigHamilton and happy to let you know that an update for this is going out today :slight_smile:

Cart 2.3.8:

  • Fix for Stripe Checkout correctly calculating volume discounts

Cheers and have a great weekend!


Cart 2.3.9 - update

  • NEW: Stripe Checkout Button now shows the final total (subtotal+shipping + any volume shipping). PayPal already has this
  • NEW: The subtotal on the cart and item subtotals now show commas for large numbers. E.g $20,000 instead of $20000


Just wanted to say on here @yuzool has been very helpful and patient with all my questions/queries and sorted very satisfactorily.


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