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Does anyone know how the volume discount shipping works in Cart 2? I am trying to set a flat fee shipping rate and was wondering if I put, say $15.95 as the shipping price for each item, but then have a 100% volume discount - would that be 100% off each additional item (but keep the initial $15.95), or would that wipe it all out and put it at $0.00

I did send a ticket in to Yuzool, but thought someone here may have experience with this before.

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Looks like the best option might be to set things up on the Paypal end of it, but if anyone has any suggestions, e-commerce isn’t exactly my wheelhouse.

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Hi @jabostick!

Setting up shipping options in PayPal allows greater flexibility and when customers get to the checkout page they can be greeted but the shipping options.

That said the volume shippings as so…

My 2 items have a shipping of $10 but a volume shipping of 5 (it's not a % but a flat rate so add the numeral.. in this case "5" - with no sign needed).

If you order 1 item it’s $10.
If you order 2 items it’s $15.
If you order 3 items it’s $20.

So the first is $10 and all subsequent items added to the cart of that type get a $5 shipping discount.

So to answer your question… put “0” and they’ll be charged $15.95 only for all subsequent items added.

Hope that helps and good luck with the project!

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Thanks for the explanation! (Feel free to delete my support ticket, by the way).

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No worries - hope that helps!

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