FIXED: Checkout Stack working with stripe

I have purchased checkout and have added in all necessary info from stripe for payment of a monthly membership.

I am getting this when I try to run payment.


Thanks @BrianC - I’m guessing something was entered wrong in the Stack as the Checkout Stack seems to be still working correctly.

Can you message me what you entered so I can take a look?
For recurring plans, please notice the step in the manual about this and how to create a plan


@yuzool I entered the correct information as directed by your manual for the recurring plans. I use the product and plan ID as intended. However I thinnk the API might be the culprit? I am using the standard keys API in the live setting. Is there a different set of API, I did not see one directly on dashboard.

I have since rolled the API keys and entered new ones and I am still getting the same error.

@yuzool Stripe has confirmed that product and plan ID and publish/secret keys are correct. It appears this stripe token is not set up correctly within the stack which is holding me up. Help is appreciated.

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Thanks - will double test this today but it was working (unless something changed in the API)

Just to clarify it has yet to be functional on my site since installing it, so I’m not sure at what point it was working for you.

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Spent a few hours debugging this today with Stripe support on speed dial and we couldn’t find the solution (the screens show it’s working):

Testing locally, using my demo project and keys was fine.

This shows me signing up to a fake “starbucks” subscription in my test Stripe account:

But have added in some error handling today for edge cases and this should fix it for you (and any others with this issue) :slight_smile:

Checkout Stack 1.0.6

  • Plans and products have been working; just improved error handling to fix in some cases where it wasn’t working for subscriptions

Please download it now from within RW - emails gone out also :slight_smile:
This should help with your keys you send through

Thanks, please see message to your account.

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