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Hi all,

I want to setup a regular payment system using my Stripe account.

I have Yuzools Checkout stack which is great as it can be setup for either one-off payments or for subscription payments.

I’m wondering if anyone has used the Checkout stack for regular/subscription payments?

Is there anything I have to do on my Stripe account, I have read the Checkout stacks docs and Stripe help pages but and still a bit confused.

Ideally I’d like to set it up so that the customer must pay a minimum number of regular payments and not have them be able to cancel the payments after only a few months. This is for a customer who is rents out serviced business offices and wants to setup payment for minimum of 6 months term.

In fact how do I or my customer go about cancelling the regular/subscription payment? Do they cancel the payments or is it something I do via Stripe?

Many thanks

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Hi @scottjf :slight_smile:

  1. You can set the frequency of the subscription in Stripe (products > create new)

But you can’t set a minimum term.

  1. To cancel you just go to Billing > Subscriptions then highlight the plan and “cancel”

If they call your or client (or email) then you can implement this part. As you have control you can explain up front that once purchased it’s a minimum 6 month term then month to month after that?

Good luck with the project!

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Hi Michael,

Great thanks, ok I have created a test subscription in Stripe and have a product ID.

Do I need to add this or anything else in the CheckOut inspector to link it to the stripe product?

Which do I use in the CheckOut “Stripe Plan” name field?



“Statement descriptor”

“Custom unit label”

Details in Stripe are:





2018/05/29 15:46


Test Subscription Monthly

Statement descriptor

RWS Test Subscription

Custom unit label


Many thanks again…sorry to bother you but the Stripe help was much help…

What about PayPal anything I need to do there??

Kind regards,


**Scott Frankel **

(Michael Frankland) #4

You add the “plan nickname” name.
so if it’s called “test” then add “test” - that’s it!

PayPal is just an email address and you can build the plan permutations in the Stack :slight_smile:

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Hi Michael,

Thanks, sorry but I’m still not clear as there is no “plan nickname” field as such…I’m probably being a bit dim here, I assume it is the “Name” field but want to clarify which field you mean as there isn’t a field called “plan nickname”.

Is the “plan nickname” you refer to the Name field, the Statement Descriptor field or the Custom Unit Label field?

See the attached screenshot from my Stripe dashboard.


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Look at the screenshot in the previous message from Michael.

(Michael Frankland) #7


From your example.
Paste it in the Stack like this:

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