Yuzool Checkout2

I am having an issue with getting my Checkout2 stack to work with stripe. I have converted over from the test keys to the live keys and added in everything that I believe I need to add in according to the developer documentation.

This includes the
Publish Key: pk_live_…
Subscription: yes
SKU ID: plan…
Billing Address: Required
Local: Auto

On the stripe site, I have added in my domain.ca and the www.domain.ca and have ensured that I am running the live keys and the plan is from the live products, but for some reason when I publish to the site, the button is active, but it never creates the token (I think)?? to get me from the link to the stripe payment page.

I’d really like some help on this as I’m unable to get this portion working properly.
Thank you!

Usually I’d page @yuzool but I’m not sure he’s active on this forum any more. Worth a try. I don’t have the stack so can’t help with your query.


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