Fixed It :- I have the same Header Partial on 4 of 4 pages,

I never did find out why this anomaly was happening, so i took the easy way out and simply added
h1 {font-family: “ComicNeue-Bold”,sans-serif !important;}
into the Page Inspector, boy was i pleased :slight_smile:

This might sound silly but it is FACT, I have only got 4 pages, so far !, on my site, each of the 4 pages has the same Header Partial on it.
It is nothing more complicated than a simple Header “Timmy Toads Hideout” also the same Font is defined on each page.

But the second page of 4 “my music”, steadfastly refuses to display the correct Font in the header

Please can anyone throw any light on this strange occurrence ?


Looks fine here on Chrome under Windows 10.

hi @robbeattie thanks for having a look at my site page, but i had already re-published it after fixing it myself with a little bodge.

But i would still be interested in knowing what went wrong, so i have now undone my bodge and re-published and you are welcome to see if you can find the problem

and a link to the project (7.4mb)


So what happens if you remove the player stack tempararelly?
Just curious

@swilliam hi Scott, i just republished with the Music stack inside JW’s “Locker” stack, it made no difference :frowning: it might have done, then i would have been very pleased, but not today !!!
Thanks for the suggestion though.


@timmytoad This is very strange, unfortunately I can’t open your project as I’m still on 6.34.
But the font is clearly being overridden with CSS somewhere (see screenshot).

Maybe you have already tried this but I would try the following to see if I could sort it out;

  1. make sure you dont have any CSS in the page inspector that is overriding it. (I’ve done this to myself before)
  2. delete the partial, save and then put it back.
  3. turn off consolidate CSS
  4. duplicate the page and remove everything else (not just locker it) one thing at a time

Good luck, I would be interested in knowing the fix in the end.


I looked a little further, It appears to me that jp-Play-List is where the override is coming from. (see screenshot).

Verify, remove the playlist (or dup the page then remove it) and verify that it works.

you could try this:
.jp-playlist-item {
font-family: inherit , sans-serif !important;

@swilliam wowee buddy, you were spot on with your observations with my silly little problem, you certainly got me looking in the right place, the Music Player Stack !!!.

On all the pages, ok ok i know there are only 4 pages, i have Archetypons Font File stack so that i can simply get my favorite free font all over every page, then i found out, thanks to you, that the My Music Page had in fact contained two copies of the Font File stack, one was in the correct place defining the Font i wanted, of course the other one, i had accidentally, probably after a few beers, dragged into Will Woodgates Music stack, and because i didnt know it was there, i hadnt given it the right font to display, actually i possibly put it in the Music stack first, because the other Font File stack didnt change the Font to the one i wanted, which is when i added a little piece of CSS to do just that. I guess it wasnt the beer afterall, it was the missus disturbing me when i was busy trying to concentrate LOL


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FYI, the locker stack still publishes the CSS and JS.

I believe it just holds back the HTML from being published.

Granted, if the CSS and JS of a stack in inline rather than in a separate file, then I would imagine it would prevent them from being published.

Thanks @BrandonCorlett for that info.

Actually that reminds me of something a very well known RW expert told me :-

CSS and other stuff entered into Settings/Code does NOT do anything until the site is published !!!


Glad it’s sorted @timmytoad :slight_smile:

Yay @swilliam i am flying now, i have now got cracking wiv NCD’s Photos stack, another steep learning curve LOL