I need a little help with CSS please

.jp-playlist ul {
font-size: 0.72em;
list-style-type: none;
margin: 0;
padding: 0 20px;

Hi all, i got a little rusty with RW, having found other things to spend my spare time on, so now i have a Font Stack and i able to have the Font “ComicNeue” on all my pages, i have all the relevant Font Files in “Resources”
I have a stack from Will Woodgate, “Player”, my Font Stack is not defining the Font i would like in this Stack, above you can see the section of CSS from this stack, that defines the size of the Font.

But, of course i am stuck, not knowing what to add to this CSS to add the Font i would like from Resources ! I am sure it is easy for anybody else, but sadly not for me. Thanks if you can help.


A URL to your site always helps…

It is still in the creation stage inside RW !. and i am not doing that well with other parts either.

however you are correct i should give you a URL, so i have now published the project. The “My Music” page is the only relevant page in connection with my question here, LOL

the Home Page is still a “work in progress” as are ALL the other pages, i still have a lot to do, but the Font in this Music Player stack is really bugging me at the moment, trying to get it changed.


.jp-playlist-item { font-family: 'ComicNeue-Bold', sans-serif !important; }

@instacks thanks Jannis, that is spot on, i implemented that straightaway and re-published, thanks.

I have just got back from Walking my two dogs (and the wife, somebodies got to do it LOL) while walking i couldnt stop thinking about this question and all on my own, with no outside assistance at all, i realised that the Font Stack itself had exactly the option i could have used, it had the option for a user defined “specific element”, but i still used the CSS Jannis gave me above.
Furthermore, when i opened the CSS window to paste in this CSS, dam me, i found loads more CSS that i had created using a different Theme, which when deleted, immediately solved several discrepancies with the Theme i am using now.
BTW, if you want a Light Weight stack to define alternative Fonts i can recommend @Lucas Archetypon’s Font Stack :slight_smile:


Or mine :slight_smile: https://instacks.com/customfontstack/

Thanks @timmytoad for mentioning Font File :grinning:
If you need any further help just let me know!

@instacks & @Lucas yeah, thanks lads for creating all these lovely Stacks that help us manipulate all our Fonts.
PS everyone laughed at me when i tried to get hold of the ComicSans MS font, ComicNeue was a free, very close alternative.


Does not make it better :wink:

Quite Right Jannis, but free isnt too bad :slight_smile:


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