FIXED: load behavior from Yuzool Navigation stack

(Michael Frankland) #24

Thanks Joel for testing this out!
Let’s chat about this and fine tune it for release in coming days :slight_smile:

(Joel Fletcher) #25

Hi Michael,

There was another problem with the beta update, which I did not notice at first. The drop-down menu appeared on the left side of my site, instead of below the parent page on the bar. Oh well.

I really appreciate your efforts to fix my issue. However, I decided to just continue using the Top Bar stack that comes with Foundation. It has been working fine for me even though it does not have as many options for customization. I got Navigation for half-off during the holidays, so not a big deal really. It’s all good.



(Michael Frankland) #26

Thanks Joel - I see this and will be fixed in an update soon with a few more things :slight_smile: Thanks for working with me on this!

(Michael Frankland) #27

This is now fixed @Mysterion and 1.3.7 released just now :slight_smile:

It required a little lazy loading - below is Chrome and it should appear one time on your site (or future sites) also!

—> This is fixed also

And other things include a nice feature request by Luke - the background on mobile can be styled a different colour so it doesn’t clash with transparent desktop backgrounds:

Thanks for all the help everyone. Updates now ready within RapidWeaver, sent via email and attached for Bundle users.

Here’s the full run down:

Navigation Stack 1.3.7


  • Added a LazyLoading option to load whole Navigation later so that it no longer loads the menu first on slow connections or Chrome. Thanks @mysterion
  • Added a delay animation option in seconds to the fadein option so can be adjusted and tested
  • Option to add a solid colour on mobile menu, even if desktop is transparent - thanks Luke for this idea


Happy Navigation Weaving! :star_struck:

(Mathew Mitchell) #28

@yuzool This new version is not showing up for me as an update when RW checks for new stacks.

(Michael Frankland) #29

@Mathew - thanks - did you get the email with the download link?
What version are you running?

It seems people are downloading it from the logs so not sure why it’s not working… I’ll DM you a copy now too

(Don H) #30

@yuzool, I still have 1.3.0 installed and it’s not showing any updates in RW. It was bought by itself (not bundle) and I have not gotten an email. Not sure if on0bundle users were sent and email.

(Michael Frankland) #31

Just resent it to you now @DLH

It should have been sent out to everyone.
The email provider / cart fulfilment is by Selz and they are looking at the emails too just in case.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #32

FYI, I fixed this now also in the Navigation Stack available in the Pulse 5 integration.

(Don H) #33

Thanks, Michael.

I did get the link you resent. Btw, I do get your emails with new product announcements. I just never got an initial email about the update to Navigation with a download link.

Since I bought Navigation, I’ve been getting my updates through RW. I did noticed when I unzipped the 1.3.7 version from the download link that the file date is Nov 11, 2011. RW warned that it was older than the version (1.3.0) already installed. I told it to reinstall anyway and now see 1.3.7 in RW. Perhaps the creation/modification date being wrong is causing issues with the built-in autoupdate.

Anyway, thanks again for the great service and a wonderful stack.

(Michael Frankland) #34

Thanks @DLH - the emails I sent out go via 2 servers and think one of them is having issues, but glad you have it :slight_smile:

Interesting about the dates, will investigate. That could be why auto updates suddenly stopped. Thanks.

Appreciate that :heart_eyes:

(Michael Frankland) #35

Navigation Stack now updated to 1.3.8 and should update from within RW as the date has been modified via the Terminal. Thanks @dave for the alignment feature suggestion.

Here’s the run through!
(emails sent out also to all users as well…)


  • Allow for alignment of text of dropdown (left, right, centre)
    This is independent from dropdown and parent alignment


  • Shows today’s date as last date to modify the Stack so this should help with updating from within RapidWeaver

(Dave) #36

THANK YOU, Michael! I love the way you are open to new ideas that can enhance your products. As you can see here, my site’s navigation is now centered, but the dropdown are flush left. Much, much nicer than everything being centered.

All the best! Dave

(Don H) #37

Not seeing the 1.3.8 update in RW.

(Doug Stansfield) #38

I first saw your email (about 1.3.8)…then tried to update via RW. It didn’t work so I used the link in your email???

(David) #39

Same here.

(Michael Frankland) #40

@DLH @drsdayton @thang - please use the link in the email. If it says “do you want to update?” just click “yes”

From now on (after 1.3.8) updates will work inside RW as the date has been modified in the file

Thanks @dave for all the great suggestions :slight_smile:

(Dave) #41

LOVE it when a developer is open to new suggestions / ways to improve his stacks. The thanks really goes to you, @yuzool, for listening and incorporating them. Navigation started out nicely - it has evolved into my go-to navigation stack.

(Michael Frankland) #42

Thanks @dave - that’s music to my ears :man_singer:

(system) #43

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