FIXED my Problems with Yabdab Wordpress Stack

So I have a self hosted wordpress site and was trying to replace WP-Blog which is no longer being updated with YabDab’s wordpress stack, because I have a wordpress blog that I need on my site and the old plugs ins are no longer supported.

I have both wordpress and blogger blogs that I link to my Rapidweaver sites and neither work with the current plug ins.

Yabdab was at first absolutely willing to help with support, but it quickly went downhill.

Yabdab asked for my ftp log in and rapidweaver save and all it’s plug ins which I gave to them. They contacted me multiple times, getting nastier with every e-mail, and finally said they were refunding my money and that I was wrong and wouldn’t help them. Though I had done everything that they said and tried everything they said. They sent multiple e-mails where they had not read my previous e-mails, and they gave me specific instructions, that I followed, but my blog was set up differently and they were nasty about it, instead of letting me say that I had the site set up differently and had forgotten.

Honestly I was using the setup settings from WP-BLOG which didn’t work with Yabdab, and I set the admin page to be where my rapidweaver blog page was instead of where the install was, but in their e-mails they asked for the install of my Wordpress Blog. Of course once I got the correct admin page setup the plug in still didn’t work correctly, and they never responded about the issues I was having.

Instead they gave me a refund and that was it. And would not respond to another e-mail.

Basically they could not get it to work and gave up and were nothing but nasty about it.

I really wanted to replace WP-BLOG as it is no longer updated, but could not get the YabDab plug in to work. And they gave up on me when they couldn’t get it to work so I was just screwed. I got my refund, but without another word from them except that I was getting a refund. And no more contact. Not to say that they received my e-mails, or anything.

I appreciate the refund, but I would have rather tried to get the software to work, and not getting a refund without me asking for it, I wanted the software to work instead. I would much rather have the software work than have software that won’t work and support won’t work with me. WTF!
Just know this may not work, and they will just give up if they can’t get it to work, and be nasty about it.

OK, I might have actually figured out a solution. I got the plug in to work.

Basically the pages show up incorrectly if I change the style to custom. If I set the page to custom instead of posts I get what look like folders with the date of each post and no post. If change the style to Theme, then the posts work.

I am going to re-buy the plug in, because it is now working for me. I just wish that we could have figured this out with the developer instead of just getting a refund, and then they could fix the bug.

I think the secret to successful problem solving is patience and clear communication between developers and users. As long as emotions are being restrained, everything is possible. Otherwise… you get a refund.

That said, I would suggest to spend some time getting to know developers, not just the software they produce. It is possible to have a full satisfaction and long lasting cooperation with them – if you choose wisely.

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I figured out the other issues I was having and think it is related to the whole problem I had to begin with.

I was hoping I could replace my WP-Blog page so that the new page had the same address as the old page, but when I try and do that the page doesn’t show up and I figured out why, and it was because of how I used to use WP-BLOG, so I had the JSON Admin panel set to address of the page with the WP-BLOG plug in so I could access the admin panel directly from the page where the blog is. Well the YabDab Wordpress plug in, that they kept telling me to enter where my wordpress install is and it wasn’t working, and that is because it works using the JSON address and not the install address, and the two can’t be the same for it to work. So to access the JSON I have to change it back to where the install is and use the URL of the install to go to the ADMIN. This is fine, but this is what the other issue I was having was. So a simple notation in the instructions would fix this issue so no one else has it.

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