WordPress integration!?!

Client wants a WordPress site (simple) so he can update occasionally but I only use Rapidweaver, I can build a site he can update using YabDab but how would that work hosting wise?

When you say YabDab - do you mean the Wordpress import stack? If so I think this may be deprecated - you should contact YabDab and find out.

Really, these stacks make sense when you have a Rapidweaver site but wish to import a Wordpress blog. It will require 2 hosting set ups however although you can use the free WP hosting. There is no point having an entire WP site and trying to duplicate it into Rapidweaver.

If all he wants is to do occasional edits, offer him a RW site with a simple CMS like Easy-CMS from Joe Workman. Far less maintenance required than WordPress.


Thanks, I the stack which will let him upload to instagram, it was blog type updates which puzzled me!

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