Fixed :- Publishing problem with FTP, RW is in the clear :-)

Hi all, i have, almost overnight, been unable to publish anything from RW, also i cannot access the Control Panel of the same Web Space, it is virtually the same for 3 web spaces that i have, each with a different host.

I did reset my Router :slight_smile: but that didnt help, one of my Hosts suggested i use TERMINAL and TRACEROUTE which confirmed my problem.

Does anyone have a few more ideas Please, so that i can pin point the problem once and for all ?


If you’re on BT - this might help!

@DaveFox thank you Dave that is an excellent suggestion, i am with PlusNet and the normal Phone Line , but i shall definitely check what my UpLoad speed is, thanks.


Plusnet is BT (not a lot of people know that :wink:)

Oh yes i knew about the PN < > BT connection LOL
down = 19.14
up = 0.34
ping latency 68.63 ?is that good or bad ?

PN chat, allegedly did some tests and said my Line is OK ?

It makes me think seriously about moving to SKY or, heaven forbid, Virgin Media !!


About average for your BB, if you do a lot of uploading you might want to look at BT Infinity. Broadband suppliers are like insurance companies - you don’t know who the bad ones are until you need them :wink:

@DaveFox Hi Dave, for some very strange reason it has all of a sudden come good and my FTPing is back in business again. phew

BT Infinity is that using suoerfast Fibre ?, i havent got Fibre in my Town :frowning:

One advantage with PlusNet over there opposition, PN staff are from Yorkshire and talk English.