My FTPing doesnt work since the last RW update!

My FTPing doesnt work since the last RW update ???

But i am sure it isn’t anything to do with RW, because i have also tried to FTP with Yummy FTP Pro as well, both to 3 different Web Spaces !

It continually says Connection has timed out.

It might be something to do with my Mac Book Pro, or possibly my Broadband Supplier, do any of the members know of what i can do, IF ANYTHING ?, to diagnose and/or Test out my problem.

Visiting Web Sites (HTTP) is perfectly normal :slight_smile:

Any suggestions would be most welcome

BTW, I reset and rebooted my Router as suggesyed by my Broadband Providers support desk.


I wouldn’t be able to discuss account specific stuff on the forums, but if you want to open a support ticket with screenshots of the settings, I can verify that they’re accurate and correct.


@barchard cheers Greg, i have done that :slight_smile: