Flex EZ Menu stack

Flex EZ Menu stack from RW Extra not working in RW8 ?


I originally posted that RW8 should not impact stack compatibility – but I’ve just been informed of a recent change to one of the RW8 betas.

so… i take it back. i do think, especially in RW8.1+, that there may be some stacks/plugins/themes that will need updates.

sorry for the confusion.

Flex EZ Menu is ancient. That stack was discontinued by the previous developer and went unsupported a long time before I took over RWExtras in 2016. I know for sure it is not mobile compatible and it uses depreciated Stacks API features like ‘repeats’. I’m willing to bet there are browser incompatibilities in there too. Nobody should still be using that stack. Every aspect of Flex EZ Menu is horrible and not a reflection of the standards I develop to.

A stack like Gator offers a far better solution for building a custom menu bar and has a huge choice of features. To the extent that you could probably build almost any basic style of navigator you can think of. And it handles responsive behavior and accessibility really well for you too. Gator is free to use in my themes, with a paid version available for use other themes. It’s fully RW8 + Stacks 3 compatible.


Is the price of the Gator stack actually $50?

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