Flex video and youtube video

hallo friends and neighbours,
a client wishes to have a little slideshow of her paintings on her site. so i produced a mp4 slideshow with “photos”, uploaded it to youtube and inserted the link into “flex video”. unfortunately it shows me an error (see screenshots). the video shows without problems on youtube, the adress: https://youtu.be/vdCMrM4IMJw
what a i doing wrong?
thanks much, tomas


Could be the stack requires an absolute url not the short url


Could also be that it just requires the ID, as per your image: vdCMrM4IMJw

Try one then the other and let us know which works best :slight_smile:

EDIT: As per Joe Workman’s Doc portal, the latter is the proper solution!


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thanks ever so much, brad! that did the trick! unfortunately the german licencing society is in a big brawl with you tube about publishing rights and does not accept the music which is with the slideshow got to think od some other music.

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You can get free music licensed specifically for use in YouTube content here:

Browse by genre, category, instrument, length etc.