Flexible Ecommerce Solution

I am looking for an ecommerce solution that will capture data from a form, make a payment via something like Paypal, Stripe etc with the option to write the form and payment data to a MySQL db and/or email via PHP/SMTP.

Seems like there are several solutions that will take the payments but none that also allow the collection of data.

I come across this requirement time and time again and it would be great if there was a solution that allowed the collection of data tailored to the different customers requirements.

Does anyone know of a something that does the above or is there a developer that would be interested in developing this? I am willing to pay for the development myself as it’s something that would be very useful.



RapidcartPro advanced might fit your needs. It will write order form data to a MySQL database, and with its custom form fields you can collect additional data. It supports PayPal, Stripe and a few other services and send emails of the orders.

As said by @thang, RapidCart Pro supports all you are looking for and much more.
Here’s a small comparison table between RapidCart Pro Starter Edition and Advanced Edition.
RapidCart Pro is available as a fully featured free trial, so you can download it and test if it matches your needs.