Flick List on iPhone / Mobile

Can anyone point me in the right direction for a stack or other method that will allow me to have a list that I can "flick’ through on an iPhone in portrait mode.

I have seen in on many websites where a list has many items in it and at the bottom of the iPhone screen there is a like a rotary selector where you flick up and down to get to the item you want, so that when the selected item is reached you press done?

if you go to this FA site on an iPhone and at the top select the team selector, you will see the effect that i would like to reproduce.


I am using the Foundation Theme as a base.


The ‘Select Box’ stack in Foundation works exactly like this, but it is meant to be used with forms. I haven’t used it myself yet, so I don’t know if it can be used exactly as you’ve laid out…

I can get the scroll function using that but cannot get it to redirect to a page when done is pressed, but will continue to investigate that.