How to get Screens & Foundation "fullscreen" on iPhone & iPad?


Using Screens and Foundation and I wanted to ask:

when i scroll down on the iPhone and iPad there is always a part of the next Slide showing. This only happens when scrolling down. When scrolling up, it fits to the page because the lower menu bar shows.
Is there a way to make the Slide “fullscreen” when scrolling down? It would be nice if the Background picture would show all the way to the bottom.

Thanks for any help on this

Did you placed the screens menu inside of the Screens-Stack? Put it outside.

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Hi jochenabitz,

Thanks for your answer.
I had the Screens Menu outside already.
What I did was change the Setting on the Screens Stack to: Snap scroll
and now the lower menu bar on the iPhone just doesn’t disappear anymore…I guess this is an issue with Safari for iOS.