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A site using the Superflex image slider stack was recently ported to a new server following a buyout of the webhost. Images which previously auto-scrolled fine are now ‘shrinking in’ and ‘shrinking out’ as they appear and disappear. Previously (before the site was ported) they scrolled right to left - which is the action specified in the stack settings. I have tried re-publishing an affected page to the new server but this makes no difference. Clearly something is different with the ported site. There are about 60 affected pages so would be glad of any suggestions of things to look at / try to resolve the issue. I’ve sent a message to @nickcates but, so far, have not received a response. Many thanks for your thoughts.

Don’t know whether that stack uses PHP or not, but if it does one explanation might be a different version of PHP on the new host.

Is there some reason why you have not provided us with a link to actually inspect the problem?

Just an update to first thank @klaatu for very helpful suggestions about this problem.

I wanted to record, for the benefit of anyone else who may encounter this issue, that the key solution was to check and correct the URL of warehoused images being used in the Superflex slideshow. In particular I updated all URLs to use https as they pre-dated a sitewide change to it. The new webhosting for my site is far less forgiving than the old so if you experience a similar problem - find the exact URL which will load one of your target images into a web browser tab by itself and then check that this same pattern of URL is used to reference the image within the superflex. If you have multiple images then be sure to check the URL for each. The odd display behaviour was actually being caused by a complete failure to actually load several of the images in the sequence and not any oddity with the superflex stack itself. What looked like an odd animation effect was not in fact what it seemed.

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