Fluid Stack Update – Version 1.0.3 (Major edit mode speed improvements)

Hi all,

Just wanted to announce that I completely reworked the backend of Fluid over the past few days in order to make some major speed improvements in edit mode. Please update to the latest version (1.0.3) and let me know if things seem to be working better. :slight_smile:



Thanks for the latest update and the 2 videos you uploaded. I have a better understanding on the use of trigger/state manager stacks. What I am having some trouble is using the fluid stacks to create a layout. Normally you use 1/2/3 column stacks to build a page, but Fluid doesn’t have those stacks. Can you create a tutorial that focuses on building a page? Or if you can create a fluid template with placeholders that has an area for: logo, navigation, banner, columns, footer. No eye candy just a bare bones starting point. Thanks!

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