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I have a page with quite a lot of text. Is it possible to have sections like on Wikipedia that you can ‘fold away’ on mobile. Or some links within the page to jump to a specific section like on Wikipedia Desktop? I have Stacks.

There are several “Read More” stacks, Try this one:
ParagraphPro from Big White Duck…you have to turn on child stacks.
It is free.
sample:pool cover | My Website

As @joemart1951 mentions, the “read more” approach is one way to do this. Another is to use accordion stacks: there are several around. One very good one is FAQ Toggle:

As for clicking on a link and being taken to the relevant location on a page. There are fewer solutions to this, but the most elegant one (in my experience) is the Jump stack:

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Am I missing something that none of these can be used with a page consisting out of multiple stacks? I for example want to have Section 1, Section 2, Section 3. Each section will have text and a shutter stack for a photo gallery. None of these seem to allow having anything more than text.

Another option is to use Anchor and Link stacks. (Jump does this automatically, but Anchor and Link stacks take a more manual approach.) There are a few stacks that do this. Here are two:


Or another stack from ‘Stacks4Stacks’ - I think you can have other stacks inside the folding area

Ok, toggle does the trick: it allows me to include a text stack, a shutter stack, and an iframe for Soundcloud. I only wonder now about making the trigger smaller: there is a lot of empty space below the trigger text. I reduced the passing to 0 pixels but there is still a lot of space left.

What specific Toggle stack are you using? I’d suggest contacting the developer. At a glance all I can say is you’ve set things up “incorrectly” but can’t offer any proactive advice.

If you are using ToggleFAQ stack by @habitualshaker then the screenshots below show how I’ve set up things and the result.


results in:

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I use the stacks4stacks one Toggle | Stacks4Stacks
I found the error: I had another toggle without a text. So while it looked plain gray, it toggled a textfield.
Found out how padding works. It’s amazing how many things you can/have to change to get a specific look. I like this level of control. It costs a bit more time but I think it will pay of in the end.

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