Immediately scroll to subject much further down page

looking for a stack whereby I can list the subjects at the top and by clicking on the appropriate subject, it jumps you down the page to the item so you don’t have to scroll through a long page of forms. Happy holidays to all

There are a few ways to do this. My suggestions are not complete but 3 options immediately come to mind:

  1. stacks4stacks Jump stack. Very handy, very smooth. Sets up a Wikipedia-like Table of Contents.
  2. Joe Workman has a Link & Anchor set of stacks.
  3. doing by hand. (or by Markdown). I have an old PDF describing how to do this but it’s not on my current computer and I’m away from home. I can share the document in a couple of days once I’ve returned home and if it’s needed. Solutions 1 and 2 are very good though.
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Might take a look at rails stack by nick gates
The demo is side nav not top not sure if it supports across the top or not.

If your using foundation then check out big white ducks magicgellan suite it’s free (please donate if you use) and does exactly what you want.
If you want to do it yourself do a search on this form for “anchor” or "link same page ". There are several threads on this subject.

Joe workmans links and anchors stacks is free and works well.

Table of Contents Generator stack


I love the Rails stack. It’s a great option and I use it a lot. But it all depends on what you need. Some of the other solutions may be better for you. But Rails is a first-class, and best, solution for many of the pages I develop. YMMV.