Foundation/Orbit Slider Stack Not Acting Normally

Having a problem with RW 7.1.7, Foundation and the Orbit Slider Stack running on OS X Sierra 10.12.1
Foundation Stacks appear to be up-to-date as well as the Foundation Theme.

I am using the Orbit Slider Stack as a banner on my page; the slider contains 3 images all sized 567x167 pixels. When I first place images in the Orbit Slider Stack, all works normally. One image shows at a time and they change according to the settings.

Once I save the site and then re-open it, however, the images stack and do not slide according to the settings. In other words, they appear to take on the Setting “Stack Slides on Mobile” even though the size is not Mobile and the box is not checked.

The only checkbox enabled is Full Width Images in Orbit Slider Setup. All boxes are checked in Orbit Slider Animation

The site is not published; just in early concept stages.

Any idea what is going on here?