Font Awesome foundation animation help

Hi there,

I’m at a bit of a loss and hoping for some help. I’m trying to get this beautiful Font Awesome logo set into my site -

I’m using the Foundation theme, I’ve copied the html over to a html stack, the css to the sidebar, and I’ve got my custom code from font awesome in the header (which I think is not needed) - but I can’t get it to look anything like the website. I changed the following line:

/display: flex; !!!uncomment this line !!!/


display: flex;

But still nothing. I get similar results on a blank Rapidweaver project. Am I missing a simple trick here? Any help is very gratefully appreciated

Thanks for your time :slightly_smiling_face:


First off, I’d recommend trying to copy and paste the code into a basic page without anything else on it. Either an empty stacks page with just a single HTML stack – or an HTML page. That way you can make sure the code works on it own, before trying to integrate it into another part of your site.

But I think your issue is most likely the CSS. The CSS in that code-pen is Sass (a.k.a. SCSS) it needs to be compiled first. You should probably choose “View Compiled CSS” from the dropdown next to the CSS, then copy and paste that into the CSS.

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I think I love you Isaiah. The compiled CSS did it

Much, much obliged!

no worries. glad it worked. enjoy your stacks – and keep your eyes peeled for a big release coming in a week or two. if it all goes to plan should give a nice little speed boost all around. :smiley:


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