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(Cristiano Pulone) #1

Hi to all,

I apologise for my OT.

What Font Awesome is this icon?

Thanks to all



(NeilUK) #2

It’s called paper-plane in version 4.

(Cristiano Pulone) #3

Hi Nell, thanks for your fast reply and your kindness. It works!

Thanks a lot, :blush:


(Cristiano Pulone) #4

Excuse me, do you know also the name of this FA icon?

Thanks :blush:


(Jason Bostick) #5

You can see/search all of them here as well:

(There is a version 5 of font awesome but it generally isn’t yet supported in Stacks).

(Cristiano Pulone) #6

Ok, Thanks a lot Jabostick

(system) #7

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