Spinning Cursor when I press preview

Hi - I’ve tried emailing Realmac about this and even sent them the file - I’ve heard nothing back

I have sent countless crash reports - but I guess they just stack up in the too hard dept.

So - I open my file as usual and press preview - then I get the rainbow death spiral

I have an older backup - so no problem, you’d think

If I start working on that - before i know it I have the very same issue

Is it likely a stack incompatibility, rapidweaver issue - anyone have any ideas ?

I’m trying to get this site up and going - and I’m stalled - so any help would be appreciated


Many thanks - have a good week all !


Never mind - think I fixed it by redoing the stacks on the page

There needs to be a way to tell where a page is hanging

Yourhead - I think this is you guys - you need to give us a code somehow to tell us which stack is causing the hiccup !?



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@jbob - i’d be happy to take a look for you, but hanging like that just shouldn’t happen at all. it’s a bug. rather than tell you which stack is triggering the bug, i think i should probably just fix it.

if you sent me the file and your addons folder i might be able to reproduce the problem and fix it.


Thank you Isaiah - I’ve sent you a link and the notes


Just whilst we’re on the subject

Whilst I was trying to get myself out of that particular corner, I would have crashed say 20 - 30 times over the course of a week

So, 20 - 30 times, I ‘reported’ the crash in the crash report window

I’d then have to assume that 20 - 30 times, this was ignored by the recipient - whoever or wherever that they may be

Given that “Hanging like that just shouldn’t happen at all” …

… what a crAp setup this crash reporter is !


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i have the same problem.
Simple question: do you have an animated gif in your page?
I get the impression that the problem comes from there in my page.

No animated GIF Ben - I have the following stacks

(Perhaps we should have a stack database where people can log their stack issues ?)

Freestyle 2 (Will’s extraordinary banner stack - forget the rest, tried them)
Let it snow (… yes I do !)
Notify (Doobox - has some issues with Cloudflare)


This is now happening again - it’s doing my box in !

@jbob - I see above you said that you “I’ve sent you a link and the notes” – I’m afraid I don’t think I received this – or I did, helped you in another forum/support/email/whatever and didn’t make the connection (this happens a lot – usernames make it hard)

If you’d still like help, I’d still be willing to help. Send your file to yourhead.com/support and we’ll give it a look. If you did already, can find a way to let me know in that email that you’re username is jbob.


HI there Isaiah

I have troubles with Sitemap Plus

Are you clear that it works correctly ?

Or is it still as it was from Loghound ?

My comments are toward the end of this forum post

With Kindest Regards


Those are very specific details. I think to give you any specific advice I’d need to see the file. Can you contact our support folks and share your file with them? Thanks.


Hi there Isaiah

I hope you’re well !!

I appreciate your comments

However, multiple people are reporting that Sitemap cannot see RW blog pages

[This is my (and others) main point of contention]

Have you looked into these reports at all ?

Of course, I am always happy to support endeavours to improve Sitemap - and will gladly send project files if necessary

But first - have you guys checked this functionality is working from your POV ?

Thank you


www.odechair.com http://www.odechair.com/
0044 191 296 3728

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Have you looked into these reports at all ?

Short answer:
I research every report I receive.

Long answer:
I don’t receive nearly as many reports as you might think. :wink:

Most folks just want help getting back to work – and mostly that means I don’t quite get enough info to find/fix a bug. I call them “drive by reports”. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

What I do know:

There are 9 known bugs in SiteMap as of today. You can see them here and follow along on my progress if you like. I’m pretty public with these sorts of things.

None of these bugs seems specific to Blog pages though.

There ARE two that are specific to RapidBlog + SiteMap … so… kinda-sorta blog-ish???

But I don’t think that’s what you were talking about, right?

I do have one specific file that I have not completely diagnosed.
It seems to be related to SiteMap + Stacks and RapidWeaver 7.2 – I don’t think it has a blog involved there either, but it does have a very similar symptom: it hangs.

However it hangs on opening the file – no preview necessary.

So… the long answer to your specific question: I have not done any research into SiteMap + Blogs. If there are errors there, they’re news to me. And it would certainly help to have a file that demonstrates the issue.

One more thing: This is my integration-test file for Blog + SiteMap. My tests show that this file can open, save and export. And produces expected output.


We do lots of other testing, of course, but this basic test just shows that there’s no fundamental flaw here. But both Blogs and SiteMaps have dozens of options. If I had to guess, I’d say the bug is hiding in some combination of those. Having a file that showed how specifically you’re using SiteMap and Blog pages would help narrow down the search.


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