Font Awesome Styled Icons?

These icons like FAS do not work in my Multithemes Lode theme. Is this common? Where do I find the non-styled font awesome fonts"?

If you’re using stacks there are a few FA stacks, here’s a freebie

Non-styled font awesome fonts do work with my theme, not the styled ones. The FA Stack did not help. I’m adding Font Awesome icons to my page titles, so I doubt a stack will help that. Maybe I need to add some site-wide code?

I don’t understand what you mean when you say ”styled” vs ”non-styled”?

Look here to see the styled icons:

Determine what version of Font Awesome Icons are being included in your website and then follow the appropriate icon reference or cheat sheet.

Font Awesome v5:

Font Awesome v4:

Most stacks and older themes still use v4.

You will only be able to use icon markup like fas or far or fab if your webpage uses Font Awesome v5. Otherwise the icons are unlikely to display.

For icons being entered alongside page names, it is normally a stipulation that you replace double quote marks with single quote marks. Otherwise this has a tendency to break your sitemap.

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I don’t think there are any unstyled icons: thus the confusion. You are pointing towards the solid style. That, and regular style, are free. The other styles like duotone are paid for.

Will has pointed you in the right direction for inclusion.

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