Font Pro by Joe Workman

I’d like to use two fonts in my project: Lora and Source Serif Pro. I also don’t want to use Google Fonts, if possible.

In the Font Pro stacks, there are options for “Installed Font” families and “System Font” families. I looked at the documentation, but couldn’t figure out the difference.

It looks like the Installed Font families is working for me in preview mode and in Safari using Responsive Design Mode. Is there a way to tell if these fonts will appear uniformly across device and OS?

You will want to use the Web Font stack so that you can reference your own fonts on the server. You will need to upload those font files to your server in order for this to work. I have some good videos on Font Pro as well. Make sure to watch those…

Okay, cool, I’ll check those out.

Deployed! Very easy. Great stack!


Yes, Font Pro is brilliant.

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