Fonts do not synchronise with Master template

I am using Rapidweaver 7.5.7 and stacks 3 and I am in the process of making a site using Vidrio theme

I have major problems with making the site:

The fonts from the master style does not synchronise. This means I would have to do all fonts manually on every page. Any idea how to fix this?

I am using stacks with a text choice

I have copied some texts from my other sites and then the formatting maybe gets screwed up.

No matter what I have done also to undo formatting, the master style does not kick in.

I would be grateful for help.

All the best

I don’t have that theme but I looked at the online documentation and I don’t see where you “set” the font that’s “not synchronizing”?

I’m a bit confused here,

Is this a stack that sets the fonts that don’t sync? What stacks are you using? Which text choice are you setting?

How did you copy the text from the other sites?

Sounds like this may be your problem. Have you pasted this text to your new project as a ‘plain text’? You should always use plain text. That’s what Doug hinted about…

I have tried also to paste it all in Notes, because this is without format and then I use it, but still the same that if I go to master template and change font, it does not change on all the pages if any.

Another strange thing is that I every time I restart computer then I cannot come into this forum again. It says my credentials are not correct and I have to write RealMac software helpdesk to have my password reset. It has happened many times now.

And thank you so much for answering me. I really appreciate.

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