Where are my customized Themes under RW 6

Where can i find my personal customized Themes under RW 6?
Which Shortcut,- )

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Not exactly sure what you are referring to here… are you talking about Themes that you have Duplicated, modified and renamed? Or, are you talking about project files?

Shortcut in RapidWeaver 6 to the Theme Drawer is: Option + Command + T

Not sure what you mean by which Shortcut?


Hi Brad,

yes i mean the Themes that i have dublicated modified and renamed. Where can i find them?

Is there a shortcut to do it?

Thank you for your Help!


If these customized Themes were done after the Themes were installed, they should be in your Theme Drawer… shortcut provided above…

If an installed 3rd party Theme was duplicated, it should be in the Theme folder (open Theme Drawer -> Right click on a 3rd party Theme, choose Show Contents), it should take you to the 3rd party installed themes in RapidWeaver through Finder. Look there for your custom Theme.

Did you modify the 3rd party theme outside the installed Theme folder?

Did you duplicate a Realmac Software Theme?

Kind of need more information on what you did, where and with what Theme, what version of RapidWeaver (You say 6, but 6.3.7 or earlier?)


Hello Brad,

i´m looking for the Themes that i have installed, dublicatet and renamend.
In RW 5 they where in the Folder: Library / Rapid Weaver

But know i cant find them.
Under (Apple + 7) you find only older Themes, but not the newest Themes that you have dublicated

I´m looking only for the Folder where alle the Themes are in it.
Where can i find it?

There is no shortcut, I think.
But you can find your themes here.

/Users/your_name/Library/Containers/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver6/Data/Library/Application Support/RapidWeaver

Ahhhh there he is,- )))!!!

Many Thanks, that was the Folder that i looking for!

Many Thanks


… my pleasure :wink:


Is this not the same thing but verbally instead of visually?


know it works,- )

Thank you for your help!


Yes, it is the same thing, only deeper in the folder.
With your tip, you are just in the theme, in the folder rapidweaver.

Thanks @Oscar, my finder window has a different view mode configured so I get the exact same results using you method or mine… Will try to remember that people use different view modes in Finder :wink:

Thanks again

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