Food Menu add on for a take away or restaurant


Does anyone know of something that I could use to make a simple food menu page for a client?

Its for a take away so something that would include a menu, price and possibly a description.

Alternatively an online ordering style page could work.

Marathia’s Price List stack is good. You can see a demo here.

The actual stack is here



Check out Gloria They have an awesome way to set up take out food menus.

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@defligra 's Listigstack could work nicely for you.


Several solutions including those mentioned. Couple of things to bear in mind. 1) avoid stacks where you have to choose a set number of rows - they won’t allow you freedom to insert where you want. 2) make sure it is printable. I have one which is simply text but within an FAQ stack so you have collapsible headings for starter, main course, etc. All this is inside a ‘print’ stack and also available as PDF downloads. The advantage of text is easy editability and re-arrangement.

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I used ListMate stack (404 Error) for a client of mine last year and it looked great.

snap pic attached!

1 Like – scroll down the page… it’s made with – of course – RapidWeaver.
Watch out for the muh! Don’t click the link if your hungry – now you’re warned.

Listig Stacks (bundle of… couple of 20 Stacks) designed to build menu cards and similar layouts. One of the Stacks are a complete menu card layout you can drag in to your RapidWeaver page and modify.

By the way – the site a sum of Stacks from a lot of the great Stacks developers we are lucky to have around. None mentioned – none forgotten! But if you know how you can easily tell.

And I’m working on – or was – a combo FileMaker - RapidWeaver solution pushing data from FileMaker to RapidWeaver. It’s finished but just haven’t found the time to… finish it :slight_smile:

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Can you recommend others/

Can you recommend a few others? Thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

Take a look at PriceThing - might do the trick for you.




I created one here

This was made in StackApps (no longer developed). It has a backend for editing the items and pricing. Few years old now though (the website, not the prices :slight_smile: )

Another take on a restaurant site.
Very simple in it’s layout. Very *** VERY EASY & FAST *** to maintain (important)

Build with Stack plugin – of course. And RapidWeaver
Theme: Joe Workmans Foundation Theme (awsome theme)

Plugins: Stacks (of course) and SiteMap Plus, Offsite Page (default RW plugin)
I use SiteMap Plus in all my projects. It’s great! If you don’t own it – get it – you need it!

Stacks – my own:
Primary: Struture Stack, GoGrid Stack, Navi Stack, OneLevelMenu Stack, Adjustable Target Stack
// two menu stack to create an almost one page restaurant page //

Extra (the spice): GetUp Stack, the free Easy Youtube Audio stack, HiLite Search Stack
Default Stacks (plugin): Text, 1-2-3 column stacks.

Though the RapidWeaver website is pretty simple in the way that it’s build – the menu is pretty huge! To make it easy for customers of the Pizzaria to find the pizza or dish they are looking for – a jump-to-menu (OneLevelMenu) is used for all dish categories.

It’s responsive of course. It wash’t before the rebuild – originally created in around 2012-2013 with the RapidWeaver Blog plugin as the ‘foundation’.

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Great site defligra… yes indeed I’m already hungry :yum: