Form Base Not Submitting - Don't Get a Success or Failure Message. Just Stalls

Hi all. I’m stumped. url in question below. I filled out all the fields and clicked submit but nothing. Screen shot of the Forms Base set up attached. This is hosted through Go Daddy. @zeebe @joeworkman. Any help would be very much appreciated.

I don’t use go daddy but here is a KB article

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GoDaddy is notorious for horrible form performance. One thing to do is check what version of PHP your server has and try to get GoDaddy to make it 5.6 or higher.

Also, be sure the submit button is set to Form Submit and that it is in the Formbase stack.

Thanks gang. I’ll run both these down and report back.

Also, depending on how your hosting is setup, your ‘From’ address may need to match the domain (i.e. If that’s the case, you could click the ‘Add Reply To Address’ in order to include the schedule at email…

Submit button wasn’t inside the Form Base. That completely solved the submission issue. It is submitting and I got the “Thank you! Your submission was successfully sent :-)” Thanks so much!


Got that Jason. I’m essentially having the email address send to itself within that domain.