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Hello! I am trying to figure out why the PHP-driven form on my client’s site is not working (although it used to)—it doesn’t send emails to the scheduled recipients. I contacted the Formloom developers, and the reply was simply that GoDaddy is not a good host, and they need to fix something. Huh?

Would anyone be so kind to look into this page: ?

Thanks so much in advance.

@omniaaron Hopefully someone can help you out … but what @yabdab writes is correct. GoDaddy sucks big time. Just search for GoDaddy on these forums. The number of times that GD said nothing was wrong on their part, a person used a lot of forum time to sort the problem, and in the end … indeed the problem was GoDaddy.

YMMV and you get an easy solution. But there’s a number of us that just ignore GoDaddy related issues at this point. Can’t blame Yabdab for followiing suit.

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I’m not here to defend godaddy, as I too don’t care for them much. However, I spent 15 years using them for a business i worked for. One of my roles was the web developer. Over the years I had forms in various configurations…some using off the shelf form stacks, and others that used some custom php. I say all of that only because they worked. I would start with confirming what version of php your form stack requires, and what version your host server (godaddy) is using. I can recall several times having to request that godaddy either update the php version on my server or move me to another. It is within reason (maybe not likely) that if the form worked before and suddenly stopped working…there could have been some server reconfigurations behind the scenes that could have “broken” things. A place to start at least.

Secondly I would try a new one page RW project, with a single formloom page. Send it to one of your personal emails etc. throw it on a temporary sub-domain or a new temp directory. See if it works. Depending on what you find with this new test form will help narrow the possibilities imho.

Hi Arron,

It’s really hard to debug form submissions and emails being sent remotely. PHP unlike JavaScript, html or css is a server side language. If it fails it by design doesn’t put any error messages or clues to the browser.

Since it you said it “used to” work then something changed, if you didn’t change Anything then GoDaddy must-have.

If you know when it stopped working, then that might give you a clue as to what may have changed.

GoDaddy has so many different hosting plans its difficult for developers to help you find the problem.

I’d probably start by setting up PHP logging at GoDaddy. My understanding is that it’s not on by default.

Once you get that setup then might get some error messages that will help you get some help.

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Thank you, everyone, for your generous replies.
It sounds as if it may be easier to transfer the whole site. :stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed. Moving hosts might be the solution, and frankly jumping ship from the confines of godaddy would likely be a good move (plenty of good host suggestions on this forum). But with that said it’s within the realm of possibility that something on your client side email has changed as well. Not sure what email provider your client is using but is something to consider. Best of luck.

I was with GoDaddy for years. The upsides were that the hosting plan was cheap, and my sites were NEVER down. But, I purchased a VPS plan from DreamHost a couple of years ago. The price for hosting was a tiny bit more ($120/year)…but they provide FREE SSL Certificates - so, when you factor that in, it’s not even close. I now host quite a few sites on my plan- and this far more than makes up for what I pay them (I charge each client $10/month to host their sites). In the three years or so that I’ve been with them, my sites have never gone down. Their support system is a little strange- basically you can’t call them (they will call you back), but their text support and/or email support is great.

Oh, and unlike GoDaddy, they allow you to have tons of email addresses without charging you extra. All my clients have their own email addresses tied to their domains.

I can’t recommend them highly enough (I moved to DreamHost at @joeworkman’s suggestion). If you’re interested, this referral link would save you a bit of money - and me as well. If you’re not interested in referral links, this one goes straight to their site.


Go to Chillidog Hosting. Just say’n


Hi @omniaaron

GoDaddy can be tough to work with and explain why their system is configured the way they do. They typically require a special php.ini configuration (IIRC) for sending any mail so it’s proxied through their relays.

Let me know if I can be of any service (I run Chillidog Hosting). Happy to help. Please email me at support@_ and I’ll be happy to help advise you as best I can.



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