Form giving error

Hi, I have a mail form here that is giving an error

{“result”:“fail”, “msg”:“Oops! An error occured(001)”}

To make matters worse, I lost my RW project so I can’t even modify the form within RW.

If someone could tell me how to get rid of the “required” answers first, I can make it easier to test the form.

But if something is obvious, I would love to hear why I am getting the error.

I recently added SSL to the site, and it is since then the error started.


It is a FormLoom form in a Tesla theme.

Hi Peg,

just checked your site… sorry that I am answering/referring to something else than your problem.
I am using also Formloom a lot - have you considered using multi select instead of the radio menu?

could be uncluttered with the multi select field of Formloom. As it is a very long with a lot of topics to be filled in/ticked form

Just a thought


Me again… you have to untick the option “Required” in this part of Formloom if the user does NOT to fill in/tick the field…

Hello Tom, and thank you for those thoughts. Right now I have to FTP in and edit code with BBEdit because I lost the project files. :frowning:

So just to ease the paid of testing the blasted thing, I’d first like to turn off all the *required fields and just sent the form without filling it all in.

I will take a look at your suggestions if I ever get the project back.

Also, I had a thought, it is redirected to another page once they submit, so maybe that is the problem.

The redirected page is and it gives the same error so it is something outside those two pages. I have changed all instances of http:// to https:// (that are within my site) on both those pages, but that did not prevent the error.

on the page search for class=“gui-input required”

and replace it with: class="gui-input "

that should hopefully take away the required part

Hello Scott @swilliam , and thank you for that.

I have a workaround, I put the relevant files in a non secure site here so I can get applications, but I still need to figure out why the SSL version of my form is giving that error.

I will contact the host, pairNetworks to see if they can shed any light. Thanks for the tips so far folks.

OK, this is a pretty big problem for me, I have tested and other clients’ sites contact forms are also affected, so I need to get this fixed ASAP.

I’ll also get YabDab involved. pairNetworks said this:

Unfortunately this error is being generated by the php code in the contact
form itself. There are no errors being generated by the Apache server

As a test I enabled php error reporting in a .user.ini file and there are
no PHP related errors being displayed.

Unfortunately as the webserver itself is not encountering an error we
cannot say what is causing this behavior as it does not appear to be
related to the server environment itself.

As this form was created using rapid weaver they will be the best line of
support on this matter as they will be more familiar with what this error
could possible mean.

on the secure page the following error shows in the console:

you are attempting to load content from a non-secure site:

I would, edit the page source and search for http: replace it with https:


Bonus points for you Scott @swilliam - it was the http://ajax link. I changed that to https and now the forms go through. You saved me a ton of worry and explanations to clients. I owe you one.

Glad I could help…

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