FormLoom "An Error Occurred"

Using FormLoom3, RW7.3, hosting. My forms have started to give me “An Error has Occurred” message after Submit is clicked. These forms were previously working with RW7 and FormLoom3. I have tried to contact the developer twice but no response yet. I have tried deleting and rebuilding the forms but I get the same result. I like the flexibility of FormLoom but it looks like it might not be the best match for my site.
Any ideas to sort this out would be really helpful as would suggestions for any other form products

If you are using stacks checkout

No issues here - RW 7.3, Formloom 3.0.9 and same hosting.

Without more info, just a few guesses - are you using anything other than the default settings to send email? Have you changed your PHP version? Have you enabled SSL mode if your site is https?

I haven’t found anything yet to better Formloom for its flexibility and ability to save to a spreadsheet or MySQL.

Same here. I get the following.

I eventually get the email sent to me, but for users they are thinking it’s not going through.

I’m having a similar problem with the redirect settings. My host is looking into problems at their side, but I had the same issue with another host. I sent Mike an email about the other host, which he replied to, but I’ve had to send another.

I wonder if it’s to do with RW itself?