Form Loom 4 Breaking Multithemes 'Duo"

The Header and Footer sections don’t function properly in Multithemes ‘Duo’ theme. The header information is not displayed, and the menu on the page goes wonky.

You have of course done a ‘republish ALL’ yes?
I ask because your homepage (which took me a few minutes to locate because you did not actually give the URL) is currently complaining about 26, or so, missing files - many of which appear to have squat to do with FormLoom 4 Eg ‘prettyphoto.js’

Republish ALL files and try again.

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The problem I have described is happening locally, in Rapidweaver. I’m not going to republish it until the problem is solved.

Then, IF your live URL is

I have some bad news for you… That’s where I’m see those errors.

What fixed it?

If you look again, you’ll see that it has finished uploading. You won’t see the order form there because I haven’t upoaded that page. if there’s a problem with the way the page displays in Rapidweaver, it’s certainly not going to display properly online. It’s what I’m seeing in Rapidweaver that I’m informing the developers about.

It isn’t fixed. Look again at my first post. I’m asking about something you won’t see on the website.

Ok. We’re not communicating so well. Hope you get it fixed.

Reverting to an earlier version of Form Loom (3) fixed the problem.

The Header and Footer are nothing special, just a div with yd-header as the class.

Do you see the Header is you switch to a different theme?

Have you contacted the Theme designer ( or our help desk ) regarding this issue … or just posted to the forums first?

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With other themes, there was no odd interaction with the drop-down menu, but the header and footer areas didn’t show up in any of them. I reverted to Form Loon 3 to get the menu working properly on the page and added what I would have used as a header to a sidebar. This is the page in question.

I posted to the forums first in case someone else had come across the same problem and knew how to handle it. I haven’t found a way to get in touch with the theme developer.

@lindan we are looking into this

Check the PM, I need a page of your project for testing the theme options with FL.

@MultiThemes Michelangelo, I’m also having an issue with FormLoom 4 and OldPage theme.

FL 4 seems to be breaking the alignment of the sidebar menu.

Should I open a support case or start a new thread on this forum?


@sykomac I’m still working on this and there are some differences between the 3 and the current V4.
Our themes have never had problems before. I have to do some tests; maybe it depends on some settings of the plugin.
Can you send me an email with the single page of your project? Check PM.

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