Formloom no longer displaying in Stack

Not sure what has happened but on one of my sites, a Formloom 3 form which has been displaying fine using the remote stack option is suddenly only showing the first few form items. Not ‘theme’ related as I have repeated the problem with several themes. Only thing I can think of is the recent RW 7.0.4 update. Anyone shed any light on this? I have about 30 of these forms on different sites so could be a major issue!

Sounds to me like a missing closing div element somewhere in there. Since there have been a lot of updates all around recently, it could probably be any part of the system.

The best way forward would be for you to share the simplest possible page that shows off the problem.

If you can do it with only one 3rd party stack, only one page, and a default theme – that would be even better. The more things we have to hunt through the longer it takes to find the problem.


Thanks - just discovered an error on my part. I changed the site into an e-commerce one and am now serving over https - It didn’t occur to me that Formloom may need adjusting but it’s right there in the security settings! All good now.