Formloom 4 not showing in Multi-themes Sytten2 theme *Resolved*

Have just finished refreshing a site that haas been taken down for a while - part of which included updating Formloom 3 to 4. the site was built a few years back with Sytten2 - they are happy with it and don’t have the budget to do a rebuild in something else.

Using FL4 without the stack doesn’t play well - all navigation items disappear!

Using it with the stack (preferred option anyway) - the form simply doesn’t appear on the stacks page at all.

I’m pretty familiar with FL4 and yes I have selected ‘No Theme’ but it’s a different issue anyway as forgetting ‘no theme’ leaves just the top field visible. Here no part of the form appears at all. I also recall an issue in FL3 where it was imperative to select SSL in security settings if the site was secure. That option is no longer there in FL4 as far as I can see.

I can use something else in the short term but I’d quite like to stick with Formloom as the form may well become more complex with some conditional logic required in the near future.

Any ideas? Site is

Obviously something didn’t publish - did a complete republish and all working now…

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