Formless 3 - Compress user uploaded images

I’m using RW6 and Formloom 3.

I want to create a vehicle estimate form, where a user can upload details of their vehicle etc. and also include images of the damage. The problem I have is the size of images being uploaded are too big. Generally users are using their phones to take and upload the images, and phones these days create a large file size image. Is there any way I can re-size or compress the images on upload? Google searches mention php scripts that will achieve this but my knowledge of php is non-existent!

Hope someone can shed some light or offer a way to achieve this.

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Hi Mat,

excuse me for my question.
I’m searching for a FORM STACK with the possibility to UPLOADING IMAGES (with email confirmation) and save all Data (Users, Images) to MySQL database.

Does Formloom3 let to upload IMAGES?