Form with UPLOAD IMAGE capability

(Cristiano Pulone) #1

I’m trying hard to create a NO-PROFIT site for adoption of homeless pets (Dogs, Cats…), working with RapidWeaver, Foundation and other Stacks.
My problem is: Does it exist the way to give the users the possibility to subscribe in the site AND UPLOADING IMAGES/PHOTOS???
(with e-mail confirmation)
… and the possibility to save subscribed USER DATA AND IMAGES to MySQL Database of my Host?

I searched for a RW Stack with upload capability, but I found nothing…

Maybe Formloom3 Stack?

Thanks to all,


(Jason Bostick) #2

I don’t have this but FormPlus has file upload capability:

(Mathew Mitchell) #3

You are asking for a few different things here. FormPlus is worth looking into.

Probably Sitelok is your best best for subscription/password control. They also offer a number of plugins. One of them might facilitate uploading of images. More here:

MachForms definitely offers the ability to upload images, etc. that are less than 2 Mb. Will store in mySQL database. Will/can send notification/confirmation to sender. More here:

(Cristiano Pulone) #4

Hi Jason, hi Mathew,
Very very Thanks for your fast replies!

Mathew, are SITELOK and MACHFORM compatible with Foundation?
(Unfortunately, I’m NOT experienced in PHP, MySQL…)

Thanks a lot.

(Mathew Mitchell) #5

I don’t use Foundation, but the bottom line answer is: Yes, they are compatible.
Machform offers a number of different ways to display their forms: standalone pages, embedded in a page, et. @dave uses Machform a lot with Foundation sites. There may be better display options than others with Foundation: he could speak to that better than me.

(Jason Bostick) #6

I just looked at the FAQ for FormPlus and it looks like there’s an option to save responses to your server as well (not sure if it’s as a MySQL entry or not).

I’ve used Sitelok on a Foundation site and it integrates very well - Joe Workman even has a set of Sitelok stacks (they’re not necessary but they’re helpful). I don’t have any Machform experience myself.

(Mathew Mitchell) #7

BTW the same person (Joe Workman) who makes Foundation also makes a set of Sitelok stacks. (These are NOT Sitelok per se, but stacks intended to make using Sitelok a bit easier.) So he’ll make sure that Sitelok and Foundation play well together not just now but in the future.

(Dave) #8

Yes, @Mathew is correct- Machform is totally compatible with Foundation. In fact, virtually all of my sites have Machform in them. Images that are uploaded with Machform are stored in the database.

Sitelok is also 100% compatible with Foundation and, since you mention that MySQL & PHP aren’t really your thing, then I’d highly suggest looking at Joe’s Sitelok stacks too. I haven’t used them, but I hear they make integrating Sitelok even easier than it already is (and, that’s very easy).

Also, since you aren’t all that familiar with MySQL, there are two other benefits of Machform I think you’ll appreciate:
• If you use the self-hosting option (which is what I do), the owner of Machform will take care of the database stuff for you…FOR FREE. You’ll need to give him FTP & cPanel rights…but you can always revoke them (or change the passwords) after he’s finished
• You (or your client) can, AT WILL, add/delete/modify fields without ever touching the database again. With most forms software, if you add a new field for a visitor to complete, you would also need to modify the database so that it gets captured. Not with Machform…the software takes care of 100% of the database issues. So, rest assured that you can create NEW forms and/or modify current forms to your heart’s content - and you’ll never have to touch the database at all. It just works.

If you have any other questions about Machform or Sitelok, let me know (or, tag Adrian, the owner of Sitelok by including @vibralogix in your post). Adrian’s site, by the way, is built in RapidWeaver, he’s active on this forum, and his customer service attitude is second to none. He seems to take joy in helping people deploy Sitelok. And, no - I don’t know him or have any business relationship with him (e.g., affiliate marketing) - he’s just a fantastic resource to turn to.



(Cristiano Pulone) #9

Thanks to all of you for your help and your suggestions.
I have examinated @vibralogix Sitelok site. It seems a PHP module very serious, important and professional. Besides, Joe Workman for Sitelok has created a stack very helpful.

My questions are:

  • Must I have Sitelok direct in my site, online? Or have I the possibility to work first in local on my home computer with RapidWeaver and SiteLok, then uploading SiteLok to my Host?
  • How works the license of SiteLok. Is it personal and can I use SiteLok in various sites in the future, or is one Licence PER SITE?
  • At last, I have seen the numerous plug-in of Sitelok. Is that one for the upload of images a plug-in that MUST be bought separately?

Thanks again, to all :slight_smile:

(Mathew Mitchell) #10

Here’s some quick answers:

  • Yes, you need Sitelok on your site online. It works via PHP so you won’t see the results unless it is on a server somewhere. However, you can “sitelok” on a page by page basis. So you can test things out on a page that no one can easily access, get things down right with some experimentation, then later apply to other/all pages that you want to use Sitelok on.
  • It is one license per site. Additional sites cost 50% less.
  • I don’t know about a dedicated image plugin. Some of the plugins cost money, some are free. I’d suggest contacting Adrian (the developer) directly. Here’s the email page:

(Adrian Jones) #11

Hi Cristiano,

I think Dave and Mathew answered most of your questions (thanks for that). With regards to uploading images there is an option using the registration form or update profile to upload an image. This may be all that you need. If not can you contact me via with further details.


(Cristiano Pulone) #12

Thanks a lot to all.
Thanks for your precious help and your kindness.