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I wonder if someone might be able to help. I’m trying to get formloom 3 on my contact page. I’ve managed this before, but for some reason, the form goes to the bottom of the page Contact |

You can see the remote stack placement in the screenshot. Any ideas why it’s not going where I want it to?

One cause could be the Page Speed part of SEO helper if you’re using Foundation.

I’ve had that happen in the past.


Not on that page, but I deleted the stack and tried again (after emptying the cache, but sadly no different :frowning:

I can see the Page Speed code on the page when I view the page source.

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Hmm we’re over my head a bit here. Should I delete the stack and do a full republish? Is there another way to get rid of that code on that page?

You’ll need to delete the Page Speed stack from the page completely, and then republish. The Page Speed stack pushes the Formloom code to the bottom of the page.


Am I missing out on any benefits through deleting the page speed stack? Or can I just uncheck the cloud flare Rocket loader option?

The Page Speed stack changes the order of the code on pages to work its magic. To do that it pushes Javascript to the bottom of the page to help the page load quicker.

Because Formloom uses Javascript, it gets pushed to the bottom of the page. So Page Speed and Formloom are not possible to use on the same page.

It’s not a bug, it’s just the way Page Speed works.


Sorted. I’d made the stack invisible on that page, so I’ve been able to keep it on the others.

Thanks for your help pal.

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