FormLoom 3 errors - help please

(Scott Frankel) #1

Hi all, I am having issues with Formloom V3.0.10. I have used Formloom on my other sites and all have worked perfectly but this new site is having issues and I can not work out where I’m going wrong, so all help and advise would be appreciated.

I am using the Clearing theme by Nick Cates Design

My new site is having problems once filling in the contact information. In have checked with my hosting company (SiteGround) and they couldn’t shed any light on the issue as the page loads fine it is only after completing the form that I get error message.

I have tried a second contact page and reloaded the full site again…a few times now but still the same issue. The website hosting is thru SiteGround and I have used them a number of times for my other sites and the contact page works perfectly.

I just can’t seem to work out what I’ve done wrong this time. The domain name is with Hover as SiteGround don’t host domain names. The rest of the site is good and pages load as expected. It is just once completing the contact request form that the error occurs.

I’ve gone onto my cPanel PHP version: 5.6.30
I have checked the SSL Mode box in Formloom security.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Cheers Scott

Site is

(Scott Frankel) #2

Ok everyone.

This has been fixed, it wasn’t a Formloom issue at all…they were very helpful but not their fault.

After speaking with both Hover and SiteGround support, it seems I had to change some MX settings:
Advise from Hover" Remove the existing MX records from the DNS Remove the SPF record from the DNS Then add our MX record"

Thanks anyway people.