FormLoom 3 page conversion to FL4?

I have a page that was created in FormLoom 3 sometime ago. I am now running RapidWeaver 8, and just upgraded to FormLoom 4. How do I get my complicated form that was created with FormLoom 3 to open up in FormLoom 4? It keeps telling me that FormLoom 3 is missing and that “Rapid Weaver failed to load some plug-ins: FormLoom is not codesigned by the Developer”.

You need to get an update to FL 4

I forgot to say I have upgraded to FL4 and am still getting that message.

I have restarted RapidWeaver, told it to update plug-ins, made sure it was installed, etc. etc.

Still sounds like a Catalina issued with a 32bit plugin…Check with the developer.
Version: 4.0.12 (511)

It’s never been a ”32bit” issue. Catalina requires software, including plugins to be ”notarized” by the developer. It’s part of Apple locking down macOS.

You do need to be running a curtain version or higher of Formloom 4. It sounds like you don’t have the latest version.

I’d try reinstalling the latest version of FL4 from their website.

You do not have current version installed. That is the only way you would see that error(s).

This may help when installing the current plugin…

Thanks everyone, I got FormLoom 4 working on my site. Thanks again.

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