Storing Form entries

(Zunaid) #1

Hi everyone

I’m new to RapidWeaver. I generally use Wordpress but I’m tired of the continual updates of plugins and themes.

I’m planning to get Stacks + Foundry from the initial research I did.

I have a question regarding form entries.

Is there any easy way to store these entries?

Since, from what I understand, RapidWeaver doesn’t use a mysql database natively, I imagine I would have to use some sort of add-on ?


(Joe Martin) #2

If you want to use MySQL I suggest a stack such as FormSnap.
I use Foundation as it is a bit easier to use, but that is up to you.

(Doug Bennett) #3

Formloom offers mySQL support. I don’t think there’s any sort of backend with any of them to view or edit the mySQL data.

A number of RapidWeaver users that need more sophisticated form processing use outside products like Machforms.

(scott williams) #4

Foundation has the ability to use custom post if you can write a few lines of php you can store to database csv file etc.

(Joe Martin) #5

Here is another way…
Just have the output setup this way and copy and paste into a text editor and save as a csv file:

(Yabdab) #6

Formloom 4 does offer a backend for viewing saved data.

(Doug Bennett) #7

Great to know, I’ve never used the mySQL portion.

(Zunaid) #8

Thanks I’ll check it out.

(Riaan Grobler) #9

Can you please give more details on this Mike? Formloom Manual don’t say much about it.

(system) #10

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